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Look Up!

blue sky Look Up!

It couldn’t be a more beautiful day in Southern California.  On a day like today, take a moment and look up!  The sky’s a perfect sky blue color, the clouds are big and gorgeous and slowing passing by.  The sun is a perfect temperature and the breeze is deliciously cool.

Too often we let life go by without taking the time to stop and experience the simple joy of living.  Today, give yourself the gift of time.  Be a kid again – stretch out a cool patch of soft green grass, look up and watch the clouds float by.  I know I will be, with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a glass of ice cold milk and some Chips Ahoy!

  • John McCowan

    Hi There My Beutiful Friend Sylvia!!
    It was a very, very pleasant surprise taling with you last night at Midnight! Wow, especially as I was just walking in the door to my house and your the thought of you was very strong, as I was just thinking how much I would have enjoyed your company at my daughter and grand-daughter’s birthday celebration~Oh well, someday soon I hope! Anyway, my thoughts and prayers are that you are able to journey safely home after working such a terrribly long day and night!!~”It’s been a hard days night” you’ve been working like a dog~
    Take Care Sylvia,
    GT&P Always,
    Love Ya John

    P.S. I’ll see you tomorrow at S&F!

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