Morrison Movie Magic?

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jim morrison photo1 Morrison Movie Magic?

Well, [lastfm]Doors[/lastfm] fans, there’s reason to cheer, even 39 years after the untimely death of rock ‘n’ roll icon, [lastfm]Jim Morrison[/lastfm].

A new hour and a half movie documentary is out, appropriately titled “When You’re Strange.”

It includes never-before-seen footage of the group backstage as well as in the studio and more footage of a bearded Jim driving through the desert.

Director Tim DiCillo also does an incredible job of reconstructing that infamous Miami concert, through films and photographs, when the “is he all there or is he not” [lastfm]Jim Morrison[/lastfm] was hauled off for indecent exposure that he actually never “exposed.”

The film captures the drama of Jim’s out of control life and of his descent into an alcoholic abyss.

Surprisingly, there are NO INTERVIEWS…..AT ALL!

[lastfm]Johnny Depp[/lastfm]‘s narration stitches together the film while director DiCillo, who definitely knows what made the Doors great, does much justice to the music, including classics like “The Crystal Ship” and “Light My Fire,” their all time biggest rock anthem.

Critics give this one a “thumbs up” and if you’re a [lastfm]Doors[/lastfm] fan, particularly a Jim Morrison fan, then it’s a “Must See.”

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