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Humble Pie!

tiger woods nike Humble Pie!

In my opinion the right golfer won the green jacket at The Masters. Will Tiger Woods be humbled by the outcome, probably not. Will he change his arrogant ways? It didn’t appear so.

Woods always employed ‘gamesmanship’ in his game, out driving someone who he was playing with and ‘snickering’ as he walked past the ball on his way to his ball. He did acknowledge the gallery, I heard that he signed autographs which he hasn’t done before, and he still used four letter words after an errant shot, so that hasn’t changed.

When interviewed after the final round he didn’t give kudos to the players that finished ahead of him much less Phil Mickelson. Woods still walks away with $330,000 for a fourth place finish, which is gross, come to think of it when he gets home it’ll only be half of $330,000. By the way that thirty second shot on the 18th green of Phil embracing his ailing wife should serve as a good message to Tiger, is it Karma?

  • Lisa

    Mr. Carson. You seem to be very bitter to me. First, Tiger doesn’t have to apolize for anything he’s or his wife have done. Second, everyone needs to get off of their high horse and stop acting like they have NEVER mad a mistake, and my last but certainly not least commit – I am sure Tiger could care less what you or anyone thinks of him. He is the one who has to answer to his wife and family not any of us.
    So stop being sooo bitter!!!!

    • Jim Carson

      Hi Lisa-
      It’s not about being bitter, there’s an old saying that in comedy someone always gets hurt. Tiger just tee’d himself up.

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