One Hit Wonders of the 70s

discotex11 One Hit Wonders of the 70s

We were doing a little research today and got very  extremely ridiculously carried away.

We couldn’t stop until we came up with the definitive list of SEVENTIES “One Hit Wonders!!”

These were all National Top Ten Songs…by various one hit wonders…who were not ever heard from again “hit-wise” and never made it close to the top ten a second time…in a few instances, barely made it into the top 20 just one other time with a highly forgettable tune that quickly disappeared!

Some of these tunes even hit #1!! (denoted by **)

BTW:  Established Country Music singers who only had one top ten song on the rock/pop charts weren’t included, since they were established artists in another genre.

So, here they are, ALL 70’s Top Ten Hits in no particular order…print and keep this list, if you wish:-)

Venus/[lastfm]Shocking Blue[/lastfm]  **
Theme From S.W.A.T./[lastfm]Rhythm Heritage[/lastfm] **
Poetry Man/[lastfm]Phoebe Snow[/lastfm]
Hey There Lonely Girl/[lastfm]Eddie Holman[/lastfm]
Sunshine/[lastfm]Jonathan Edwards[/lastfm]
Sometimes When We Touch/[lastfm]Dan Hill[/lastfm]
The Rapper/[lastfm]Jaggerz[/lastfm]
All Right Now/[lastfm]Free[/lastfm]
House of the Rising Sun/[lastfm]Frijid Pink[/lastfm]
Reflections of My Life/[lastfm]Marmalade[/lastfm]
Tighter, Tighter/[lastfm]Alive and Kicking[/lastfm]
Sweet Mary/[lastfm]Wadsworth Mansion[/lastfm]
Put Your Hand In the Hand/[lastfm]Ocean[/lastfm]
Smiling Faces Sometimes/[lastfm]Undisputed Truth[/lastfm]
I’ve Found Someone of My Own/[lastfm]Free Movement[/lastfm]
Ma Belle Amie/[lastfm]Tee Set[/lastfm]
Sky High/[lastfm]Jigsaw[/lastfm]
Afternoon Delight/[lastfm]Starland Vocal Band[/lastfm] **
Convoy/[lastfm]C.W. McCall[/lastfm] **
Just When I Needed You Most/[lastfm]Randy Vanwarmer[/lastfm]
Stumblin’ In/[lastfm]Suzie Quatro[/lastfm]
Heaven on the 7th Floor/[lastfm]Paul Nicholas[/lastfm]
Wildfire/[lastfm]Michael Murphy[/lastfm]
Popcorn/[lastfm]Hot Butter[/lastfm]
Oh Babe, What Would You Say?/[lastfm]Hurricane Smith[/lastfm]
Hocus Pocus/[lastfm]Focus[/lastfm]
Pillow Talk/[lastfm]Sylvia[/lastfm]
Billy Don’t Be a Hero/[lastfm]Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods[/lastfm]  **
Playground In My Mind/[lastfm]Clint Holmes[/lastfm]
Natural High/[lastfm]Bloodstone[/lastfm]
Heartbeat-It’s a Lovebeat/[lastfm]The DeFranco Family [/lastfm]
Smokin’ In The Boys’ Room/[lastfm]Brownsville Station[/lastfm]
The Lords’ Prayer/[lastfm]Sister Janet Mead[/lastfm]
I Can Help/[lastfm]Billy Swan[/lastfm] **
Midnight At The Oasis/[lastfm]Maria Muldaur[/lastfm]
Be Thankful For What You’ve Got/[lastfm]William DeVaughn[/lastfm]
Please Come To Boston/[lastfm]Dave Loggins[/lastfm]
The Night Chicago Died/[lastfm]Paper Lace[/lastfm]  **
Life Is a Rock/[lastfm]Reunion[/lastfm]
Kung Fu Fighting/[lastfm]Carl Douglas[/lastfm]  **
Everlasting Love/[lastfm]Carl Carlton[/lastfm]
Get Dancin’/[lastfm]Disco Tex & the Sex-0-lettes[/lastfm]
Sammy Johns/[lastfm]Chevy Van[/lastfm]
Walkin’ In Rhythm/[lastfm]The Blackbyrds[/lastfm]
Rockin’ Chair/[lastfm]Gwen McCrae[/lastfm]
Dynomite-Pt 1/[lastfm]Bazuka[/lastfm]
Run Joey Run/[lastfm]David Geddes[/lastfm]
Rocky/[lastfm]Austin Roberts[/lastfm]
Junk Food Junkie/[lastfm]Larry Gross[/lastfm]
Shannon/[lastfm]Henry Gross[/lastfm]
The Rapper/[lastfm]Jaggerz[/lastfm]
Hot Rod Lincoln/[lastfm]Commander Cody & his Lost Planet Airmen[/lastfm]
Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues/[lastfm]Danny O’Keefe[/lastfm]
Why Can’t We Live Together/[lastfm]Timmy Thomas[/lastfm]
My Maria/[lastfm]B.W. Stevenson[/lastfm]
Americans/[lastfm]Byron MacGregor[/lastfm]
Tubular Bells/[lastfm]Mike Oldfield[/lastfm]
The Entertainer/[lastfm]Marvin Hamlisch[/lastfm]
Feelings/[lastfm]Morris Albert[/lastfm]
Love Hurts/[lastfm]Nazareth[/lastfm]
Happy Days/[lastfm]Pratt and McClain[/lastfm]
Gonna Fly Now (“Rocky” Theme)/[lastfm]Bill Conti[/lastfm]
You’re Only Lonely/[lastfm]J.D. Souther[/lastfm] (note:  he did team up later with James Taylor for “Her Town Too” which peaked at #11 but this was his only solo hit.)
Precious and Few/[lastfm]Climax[/lastfm] (lead singer Sonny Geraci of the “Outsiders”)
Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes/[lastfm]Edison Lighthouse[/lastfm]
More More More/[lastfm]Andrea True Connection[/lastfm]
Misty Blue/[lastfm]Dorothy Moore[/lastfm]
Torn Between Two Lovers/[lastfm]Mary MacGregor[/lastfm]  **
Couldn’t Get It Right/[lastfm]Climax Blues Band[/lastfm]
Float On/[lastfm]The Floaters[/lastfm]
Thunder Island/[lastfm]Jay Ferguson[/lastfm]
Magnet and Steel/[lastfm]Walter Egan[/lastfm]
You Take My Breath Away/[lastfm]Rex Smith[/lastfm]
Makin’ It/[lastfm]David Naughton[/lastfm]
Ring My Bell/[lastfm]Anita Ward[/lastfm]  **
Pop Muzik/[lastfm]M[/lastfm]  **
The Rapper/[lastfm]The Jaggerz[/lastfm]
Ma Belle Amie/[lastfm]The Tee Set[/lastfm]
Give Me Just a Little More Time/[lastfm]Chairman of the Board[/lastfm]
Vehicle/[lastfm]Ides of March[/lastfm]
Spirit In the Sky/[lastfm]Norman Greenbaum[/lastfm]
Ride Captain Ride/[lastfm]Blues Image[/lastfm]
Ooh Child/[lastfm]Five Stairsteps[/lastfm]
Gimme Dat Ding/[lastfm]Pipkins[/lastfm]
In The Summertime/[lastfm]Mungo Jerry[/lastfm]
Indiana Wants Me/[lastfm]R. Dean Taylor[/lastfm]
Montego Bay/[lastfm]Bobby Bloom[/lastfm]
Somebody’s Been Sleeping/[lastfm]100 Proof Aged in Soul[/lastfm]
One Toke Over the Line/[lastfm]Brewer and Shipley[/lastfm]
Groove Me/[lastfm]King Floyd[/lastfm]
Stay Awhile/[lastfm]The Bells[/lastfm]
Put Your Hand In the Hand/[lastfm]Ocean[/lastfm]
Chick-a-Boom/[lastfm]Daddy Dewdrop[/lastfm]
Mr. Big Stuff/[lastfm]Jean Knight[/lastfm]
Joy/[lastfm]Apollo 100[/lastfm]
Bang a Gong/[lastfm]T. Rex[/lastfm]
How Do You Do?/[lastfm]Mouth and McNeal[/lastfm]
Rock and Roll Part 2/[lastfm]Gary Glitter[/lastfm]
It Never Rains In Southern California/[lastfm]Albert Hammond[/lastfm]
Jungle Fever/[lastfm]Chakachas[/lastfm]
Also Sprach Zarathustra/[lastfm]Deodato[/lastfm]
Dueling Bangos/[lastfm]Eric Weissberg & Steve Mandell[/lastfm]
Stuck In the Middle With You/[lastfm]Stealers Wheel[/lastfm]
Right Place, Wrong Time/[lastfm]Dr. John[/lastfm]
Brother Louie/[lastfm]The Stories[/lastfm] **
Eres Tu (Touch the Wind)/[lastfm]Mocedades[/lastfm]
Tubular Bells/[lastfm]Mike Oldfield[/lastfm]
Rock Your Baby/[lastfm]George McCrae [/lastfm]**
Beach Baby/[lastfm]First Class[/lastfm]
Hang On In There Baby/[lastfm]Johnny Bristol[/lastfm]
Jackie Blue/[lastfm]Ozark Mountain Daredevils[/lastfm]
How Long/[lastfm]Ace[/lastfm]
I’m Not Lisa/[lastfm]Jessie Colter[/lastfm]
Love Won’t Let Me Wait/[lastfm]Major Harris[/lastfm]
The Hustle/[lastfm]Van McCoy[/lastfm] **
Let Your Love Flow/[lastfm]Bellamy Brothers[/lastfm] **
Fooled Around and Fell In Love/[lastfm]Elvin Bishop[/lastfm]
Turn The Beat Around/[lastfm]Vicki Sue Robinson[/lastfm]
Play That Funky Music/[lastfm]Wild Cherry[/lastfm] **
A Fifth of Beethoven/[lastfm]Walter Murphy & the Big Apple Band[/lastfm] **
Disco Duck/[lastfm]Rick Dees[/lastfm] **
Nadia’s Theme/[lastfm]Barry DeVorzon[/lastfm]
Tryin’ To Love Two/[lastfm]William Bell[/lastfm]
Angel In Your Arms/[lastfm]Hot[/lastfm]
Undercover Angel/[lastfm]Alan O’Day[/lastfm] **
Do You Wanna Make Love/[lastfm]Peter McCann[/lastfm]
You Light Up My Life/[lastfm]Debbie Boone[/lastfm]  ** (see below)
Back In Love Again/[lastfm]L.T.D.[/lastfm]
Emotion/[lastfm]Samantha Sang[/lastfm]
Short People/[lastfm]Randy Newman[/lastfm]
Kiss You All Over/[lastfm]Exile[/lastfm] **
Love Is In the Air/[lastfm]John Paul Young[/lastfm]
Hot Child In the City/[lastfm]Nick Gilder[/lastfm] **
Get Off/[lastfm]Foxy[/lastfm]
I Love the Nightlife/[lastfm]Alicia Bridges[/lastfm]
Lotta Love/[lastfm]Nicolette Larson[/lastfm]
What You Won’t Do For Love/[lastfm]Bobby Caldwell[/lastfm]
Knock on Wood/[lastfm]Amii Stewart[/lastfm] **
Music Box Dancer/[lastfm]Frank Mills[/lastfm]
Chuck E.’s in Love/[lastfm]Rickie Lee Jones[/lastfm]
Gold/[lastfm]John Stewart[/lastfm]
The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia/[lastfm]Vicki Lawrence[/lastfm] **
Rock the Boat/[lastfm]The Hues Corporation[/lastfm]  **
Lovin’ You/[lastfm]Minnie Riperton[/lastfm]  **
Theme From S.W.A.T./[lastfm]Rhythm Heritage[/lastfm]  **
Star Wars Theme/[lastfm]Meco[/lastfm] **
I Was Made For Dancin’/[lastfm]Leif Garrett[/lastfm]
Seasons In the Sun/[lastfm]Terry Jacks[/lastfm] **  (however, he did have another top 10 hit in the 70’s as a member of the Poppy Family with wife Susan…”Which Way You Goin’ Billy?  He had ONLY this one as a solo act, so we’re including him.)
Don’t Give Up On Us Baby/[lastfm]David Soul[/lastfm] **  Oh, and we can’t forget Run Joey Run/David Geddes and, just added:  Smoke From a Distant Fire/Sanford/Townsend Band

note:  Debbie Boone (Pat’s daughter) was the Seventies “One Hit Wonder” queen…”You Light Up My Life” was #1 for an incredible 10 weeks and won the Song of the Year GRAMMY and an OSCAR for “Best Song!!!”  She had two other songs after this, but they didn’t even make the national Top 40!

So, if you think we may have missed one or two, let us know in “comments”…..


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