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Rock N’ Roll Memories and Rats On A Plane

rock Rock N Roll Memories and Rats On A Plane

Welcome Back!! Hope it was a good weekend, NOW BACK TO WORK!! We had a great phone poll today about your first Rock and Roll memory. There was a big response from everybody check it out below.

The 6am Fickle is about Rats on a plane! The 7am Fickle is about being ready to rumble on a plane! In the 8am Fickle I cover what happens when Steve Jobs Calls a mans personal phone!

Our Generation Gap contestant is from our local Long Beach, California.

  • BIG LOU from El Monte

    I loved this piece this morning…
    I wish I had sent my rock and roll memory in sooner.
    It was Christmas in the 70’s my Big Brother and I were probably 8 and 9 years old. We were looking through 33 1/3 ALBUMS for Christmas carols. We found a SANTANA album and thought “Hey that sounds like Santa, must be SANTA CLAUS related.” Them bam “JINGO” has to be like “JINGO BELLS”… Christmas was never the same. Now its a Christmas Tradition.

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