Who’s so VAIN? A Clue from Carly….

carlysimon11 Whos so VAIN?  A Clue from Carly....Has one of the greatest mysteries in rock ‘n’ roll music been solved, or, at least partially solved??

[lastfm]Carly Simon[/lastfm] confirms that the backward-masked name she whispers on the re-make of her 1973 hit “You’re So Vain,” from her new “Never Been Gone” album, is a clue to the identity of “the vain one.”

She has confirmed that the first name is “David.”

Could it be  David Crosby (he wrote a song that also had three words in the title… “Long Time Gone”)?

Perhaps it’s Record mogul David Geffen? (He could afford a Lear Jet… TEN Lear Jets!)

Some have even suggested David Cassidy or maybe David Bowie (HIS name has the same amount of letters in it as Nova Scotia!!!) or … ??

Hmmmm, let’s see….David Letterman?  David Ruffin?  Wait…David Niven??? No… David Brinkley???  David…..

  • Deba

    This little mysterie has bugged me forever. Then I heard someone put a bid on this to find out who was the person, and Carly told him, but he had to sign he would not tell!!! By the name drops in this, I would vote for David Bowie???

    • Bruce Chandler

      Dick Ebersol of NBC Sports put up 25K for “charity” quite a few years ago in order to find out just WHO this person was. Some of the guesses throughout the years: Warren Beatty, Kris Kristofferson and Mick Jagger.

      BTW…Dick was sworn to secrecy, so don’t ask him….

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