Ringo Starr’s Star

capitolrecords1 Ringo Starrs StarThe Beatles drummer finally got his recognition on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 8th with the 2,401st Star just outside the famous Capital Records Tower on North Vine Street.

The ceremony was attended by hundreds of fans & press, one of those who spoke at the ceremony was [lastfm]Ringo Starr[/lastfm]’s All Star band mate, friend and brother-in-law [lastfm]Joe Walsh[/lastfm] currently with the [lastfm]Eagles[/lastfm]. Joe called Ringo “The greatest Rock & Roll Drummer of all time”. One can only wonder how that makes Eagles drummer [lastfm]Don Henley[/lastfm] feel.

Ringo is in good company Star wise, his is right along side the late [lastfm]John Lennon[/lastfm], [lastfm]George Harrison[/lastfm], and [lastfm]Roy Orbison[/lastfm]. Roy performed with Ringo in the Traveling Wilburys. It’s curious to note that while Ringo and the other two [lastfm]Beatles[/lastfm] were on Capital Records, and their Stars are in front of the record label they made a lot of money for, Roy was not, his label was Monument Records, but it’s fitting that they’re all recognized at 1750 N. Vine Street, in front of a monument of a building.

Since I’m on the subject, how about a shameless self promotional plug for “Back to the Beatles” heard every Sunday morning at 8, followed by “The Beatle Years” hosted by my compadre Bob Malik. We feature everything you want to know about John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

  • Fig

    Check yer history. Roy Orbinson played with George Harrison in the Traveling Wilburys; Ringo Starr was NOT a member of this band.

  • Bruce Chandler

    Good answer! You are correct, sir. George was the only Beatle who was a bandmember with Roy in the Travelling Wilburys.

    Where Jim may have had just a little brain cramp is that Ringo has a similar outfit, Ringo’s “All-Star Band” that also travels!

  • jcarson

    I stand corrected, Roy did however open for the Beatles in thier early days along with the Righteous Brothers, and other as mentioned.
    thank’s for responding.

  • Jim Carson

    I stand corrected, Ringo was never part of the Traveling Wilbury’s, and Roy was never a member of Ringo’s All Stars.
    Roy Orbison did open for the Beatles along with the Righteous Brothers and others as mentioned in the Fab Four’s early days.
    Thanks for writing

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