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Recall Problems…From Cars to Girl Scout Cookies!!

lemon cream cookies1 Recall Problems...From Cars to Girl Scout Cookies!!Something crummy in cookieland.

The GIRL SCOUTS are recalling one of its’ cookie brands due to poor taste :-(

Girls Scouts of central Indiana Council spokespeeps say they have received complaints about the taste and smell of the Lemon Chalet Creme cookies and are going to put the brakes on ’em (so to speak.)

Kinda like the auto recall, complaints seem to be accelerating, and instead of not being able to stop eating them, cookie crunchers are cringing in incredulity!

Seems the cookies contain oils that appear to be breaking down, resulting in the off taste and smell; however, they don’t pose a health risk.

These Lemon cookies appear to be ….LEMONS….

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