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Happy Birthday Mr. President: George Washington Turns 278

george washington 1782 painting Happy Birthday Mr. President:  George Washington Turns 278

Wooden teeth, cherry tree chopping, British butt-kicker:  our great first President of the United States George Washington.  They sure don’t make ’em like him anymore.

Let’s pay homage to our first president with a special video featuring Jack Black as George Washington.

Happy Birthday George.  Our first, our last, our everything!trans Happy Birthday Mr. President:  George Washington Turns 278

  • David Macadam

    At the risk of being somewhat unpopular I would take issue with the wooden teeth, they were a mixture of almost every material except wood. He was an aristocrat and a member of the elite wooden teeth were for the proles. He never cut down a cherry tree as that was an invention for a Victorian book designed to make children behave properly, and as a general he was fairly indifferent eventually being bailed out by the French.

    Perhaps you might enjoy my blog on political families in the USA at



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